Below you can find the reference folders for all of my characters!

I occasionally have people express an interest in drawing my characters,

but the lack of public references has stopped them. I absolutely LOVE it

when I receive fan art, so the least I can do is help you darling folks out!

Click a thumbnail to see a full description and collection of reference images!

Characters marked with a      are who I would currently love art of the most!

Characters marked with an ✱ asterisk actually belong to my friends! They have relations to my

characters, though! I draw them a lot, and commission art of them just as much.

Characters marked with a         belong to tabletop campaigns!

Click the social media buttons to go to the tagged posts

of that character on Tumblr or Pillowfort, respectively!

I have a simple Discord server I use to store

galleries of all art of each of the characters below!

You can come and go as you please, or stay

if you want to watch new art be added.

You can join with [this link!]



General Characters:





Guild Wars 2 Characters: