How To Commission Me:

Preferably before contacting me, I ask that you read my full Terms of Service. It outlines how the process will go, as well as my rules and policies. By contacting me, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms. Failing to read my T.O.S. does not exclude you from the rules.

​If you have not already by the time you contact me, I will ask you to look through some folders of my example work and pricing. Doing this before you contact me will save some time! 

You can find links to these folders in my T.O.S. (linked above).

When you're ready, you are welcome to contact me through any platform you choose.

You are likely to get the fastest responses on either [Discord] or [Email].

I will happily work with you to answer any questions you might have, and help you decide on any details of your commission that you're unsure about. All payments will be via PayPal invoices. 

You will receive a second email at some point from PayPal regarding the "shipment" of your order. 

Please disregard this email. I have to tell PayPal that your order does not require physical shipping and has been successfully processed as digital goods, or else I can potentially get in trouble for "never shipping the order". It's an inconsequential technicality, and I apologize for any confusion!

My rate is $20 (USD) per hour.

Most commissions will also include a $5.30 consultation fee and 2.9% PayPal fee.

To ensure the finished product is of an acceptable quality, 
I require all commissions to be a minimum of 1 hour ($20).


Join my [Discord] server to be alerted when I'm open again!

• I will always be the owner of my own creations, and I ask that my customers respect that.

• Please respect the art/artist. Do not lie about who created it, and never move/edit/crop out my watermark.

• Never re-upload my art anywhere. Instead, you are welcome to reblog/share my original post. 

"Even if I credit you?"  The answer is still no.

• Do not edit my art without my written permission. If you'd like something changed or added, please ask me to do so, and do not change anything yourself. This includes coloring my lineart and other similar edits.

• Please read my full T.O.S. before contacting me. 

Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking my rules.

My F.A.Q. page might also answer your questions.

Want to show support without commissioning?

​Tips are always appreciated!

Certain Fetishes*

​Anything Racist/Sexist/etc

Trademarked Characters

​Underage NSFW

​*For an in-depth list of what NSFW elements I will and will not draw, click [HERE]

If you have something in mind that isn't listed there, just shoot me a message and ask! 





Mech (With References!)