Since certain people don't want this information out there; if someone is reposting artwork/photos that you made to Twitter without your permission, you don't have to ask them to remove it, just fill out the DMCA form.

The reposter doesn't get a say.

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I would not recommend asking people to remove your work; filing a DMCA

is a normal and professional thing to do. You don't have to ask, they had to ask.

You don't have to beg and grovel. You don't have to prove to some rando that

your work is your work, just prove it to Twitter.

For sites that don't have a dedicated DMCA protocol, send it to the host; you will have to send private information, which is why I'm telling you to e-mail a company that wants to cover it's ass legally and handle it with care, not some salty child predator who will doxx you.

To head off any "But Thaily, I don't care if people repost my art." Great, no one is telling you to change that. But other people are allowed to care & can DCMA their art, even if someone found it on Google image search, or a friend gave them the file, or there's no name/© on it.

Also if you need to send a DMCA/EUCD form, I have one for you to cut/paste and customize for your needs riiight here:

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DMCA and EUCD are the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the European Union Copyright Directive.
They are directives put into place to help copyright holders defend their rights on-line. The moment you make an original work such as taking a photo, writing a story or making a drawing, you automatically become the copyright holder of that work. There are other aspects to be considered, such as model rights for photographers and trademarks for characters you might want to draw or write about. But assuming you have a basic knowledge of copyright and actually own the rights to the work, you can file a DMCA/EUCD to stop people from reposting your (edited) work.

Some sites, such as DeviantArt or Tumblr, will have on-site possibilities and forms to file a DMCA/EUCD complaint.
In some cases you will have to contact a hosting company via E-mail, for which you will find a form letter below.

Be sure to edit accordingly.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to avail myself of my rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act/European Union Copyright Directive¹. I wish to report an instance of what I feel in good faith is an instance or Copyright Infringement. The infringing material appears on the Service for which you are the designated agent.

1. The material which I contend belongs to me, and appears illegally on
the Service is the following: [description of your work, i.e. portrait photo of woman in red shirt]
2. The material appears at the website address:
And can be found at these specific locations:
[specific URL to a post or direct link to the image]
[URL to where you’re hosting your work]
3. My contact information is as follows:
[Name, address etc.²]
4. I have a good faith belief that the use of the material that appears on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, it’s agent, or by operation of law.
5. The information in this notice is accurate as the copyright owner. I declare under the perjury laws that this notification is true and correct.

– Signed, [your name]


¹ Depending on where their servers are, the USA or Europe, remove Digital Millennium Copyright Act or European Union Copyright Directive.
² Be careful about handing out your personal information to people who might have malicious intent, contact hosting companies and the like directly.

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