I use Ko-Fi Gold instead of Patreon, but the concept is the same! It's a monthly subscription, and your full payment goes to me without middleman fees for either of us! In return, you'll get one raffle ticket for every dollar ($USD) you subscribe!​ In addition, you'll get access to a subscriber-only channel on my Discord server!

For participation in a single raffle, select "One Time".

Please also specify you're buying tickets in the message,​

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Raffle Prize Examples!

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Monthly Raffle

​A winner will be drawn for the raffle on the 10th of each month, unless otherwise stated!

The prize is a full-body, flat-colored drawing of a character of your choosing, with a bonus:

Added cell-shading OR

Nude version OR

Additional outfit OR

Weapon / Accessory / Small Inventory OR

Small or Medium sized pet

Or a similar bonus!

(Over a $50 value!)

For details on what I will and will not draw, please see my [Commission Info!]

​My full [Terms of Service] apply!

= 1 Ticket

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