x10 Raffle Tickets

Monthly Raffle

​Once payments have fully processed, a winner will be drawn for the monthly raffle.

The prize is a full-body, flat-colored drawing of a character of your choosing, with a bonus:

Added cell-shading OR

Nude version OR

Additional outfit OR

Weapon / Accessory / Small Inventory OR

Small or Medium sized pet

(Over a $50 value!)

For details on what I will and will not draw, please see my [Commission Info!]

​x30 Raffle Tickets

​​​You only get rewards for months you pay for.

If you pledge at any time, you will not be charged until the 1st of the following month;

this is just how Patreon works. Didn't get your pledge in before the billing cycle, but still

want in on the rewards for the rest of the month? ​No problem! Send your pledge amount

to PayPal.me/Daarka, and you will automatically be eligible for that amount's rewards!


​• You must be pledged to my Patreon in addition to sending early payments

• You must write your Patreon username in the note section of the payment

• Early payments cannot be refunded once you have received any rewards

Gremlin Requests

​During designated streams, $30 tier patrons can request a gremlin!

Gremlins are simplified, fully colored chibis of characters that make great avatars and icons!

Designated streams will be announced in advance via [Discord], and also identifiable on my stream overlay.

Each God Street tier patron is allowed one gremlin per stream. Just send reference material to me via Discord DM (@Daarka#0002) to request one during applicable streams!

x1 Raffle Ticket