​+ One free portrait per stream

​+ Priority placement in queue

​One free portrait per month

​​​You only get rewards for months you pay for.

If you pledge at any time, you will not be charged until the 1st of the following month;

this is just how Patreon works. Didn't get your pledge in before the billing cycle, but still

want in on the rewards for the rest of the month? ​No problem! Send your pledge amount

to PayPal.me/Daarka, and you will automatically be eligible for that amount's rewards!


​• You must be pledged to my Patreon in addition to sending early payments

• You must write your Patreon username in the note section of the payment

• Early payments cannot be refunded once you have received any rewards

Patron Request Stream T.O.S.

Request streams are held at least three times per month. They are public for

anyone to attend (like normal streams!) but only patrons can make requests.

Request art will be colored portrait sketches in a semi-painted style.

Characters can be any age, gender, or species, but no NSFW content.

Characters must be of your own creation. Trademarked characters, including

those from shows, movies, books, or belonging to anyone other than

yourself are not eligible (unless you have the owner's written permission).

I have the right to refuse any character and ask you to choose another.

You cannot reserve a spot in the queue in advance. You must be present

at the stream to be eligible. A non-patron cannot claim your spot for you. If

you arrange for another patron to make your request for you in your absence,

they will not be eligible to make a second request for themselves.

The queue will only open once the stream has started. To get a request slot,

please message me any reference material for the character you want drawn,

preferably via Discord DMs or Patreon private messages, but not in Picarto chat.

Visual references or written descriptions are both acceptable. Your spot in the

queue is only locked in when your references are sent. I will try my best to

complete everyone's portraits in the queue, but I cannot guarantee I will get

to everyone in a single stream--which is why there will be 3+ every month!

The schedule of request streams each month will be posted on my Patreon feed

and shared with my patrons and non-patron followers on my Discord server!